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1740 Broadway

Property Description

1740 Broadway is a 26 story building located on the East side of Broadway between 55th and 56th streets.

Leasing Contact - Primary
Zakery Snider
Phone: (212) 984-6625
Leasing Contact
Howard Fiddle
Phone: (212) 984-6525
Leasing Contact
Zach Freeman
Vice President - Leasing
Phone: (212) 520-8011
Leasing Contact
Scott Silverstein
Leasing Manager
Phone: (212) 520-8016
Leasing Contact
Arkady Smolyansky
Phone: (212) 984-8355
Property Contact
Denna Byron
Senior Property Manager
Phone: (212) 205-4902
Property Contact
Kevyn States
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (646) 779-2863
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