A Commitment to Sustainability

Equity Office is committed to operating its entire nationwide portfolio with an eye towards a green and sustainable future. Together, with our customers and the communities in which we operate our goal is to demonstrate leadership in owning and maintaining eco-friendly work-place environments throughout the country.

Conserving natural resources and energy, while maintaining peak building operations, is at the forefront of this endeavor. In recent years, Equity Office has made a number of strategic, as well as on-the-ground changes, to reduce our carbon footprint. Our sustainability initiatives include energy efficiency, waste reduction, water preservation, environmentally friendly cleaning and responsible compliance, with each program covering all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Moving forward, we want to assure all of our customers that Equity Office remains committed to improving and maintaining the sustainability of our properties. As such, we are constantly evaluating best practices and innovative ways of greening our portfolio. We will continue to introduce positive changes into our operations that support this mission.